Repurposed Gift Card Message Book

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How to make THIS…

Empty Toilet Tissue Rolls Make Great Crafts

look like THIS!

Repurposed Toilet Tissue Rolls: Valentine Craft Idea

No wonder I can’t sleep at night. I’ve got crazy ideas about empty toilet tissue rolls dancing around in my head. I may be a nutty, aging woman, but at least I’m a creative nut.

Here’s what we have, 5 empty toilet tissue rolls folded in half (BTW, you can also use empty paper towel rolls and cut to size). Use the edge of a fork to smooth down the edges (you’ll need to do multiple sweeps to get the rolls really flat). Once flattened, print colorful designs to cover the rolls. You can create your own designs or use gift wrap.

Use colorful paper to wrap the toilet tissue rolls.

 My theme was Valentine’s Day, but you can decorate for any occasion. Cut your decorative papers to fit the rolls. Double sided tape is simple and mess-free for keeping the paper intact.

Cut out hearts from the same papers and adhered to the face and back of the covered toilet paper rolls.

Add decorative embellishments to the face of the covered rolls.

Use a hand-held hole punch to stamp out holes for the binder rings. The binder rings will keep all the rolls intact to create a flip-book. One-inch book binder rings were used for this project. If you want to add more rolls, use larger rings.

Cut card stock paper to fit width and depth of flattened rolls. Cut size will depend on the width of the roll. Tissue rolls have varying sizes. My rolls were 2 3/4″ x 4″ once flattened. Bright pink was my color choice.

 Cut cardstock to fit inside each toilet roll.

I purchased “blank” playing cards from Wal-Mart and taped to card stock. Position them so you have a “tab” area protruding from the toilet roll. Print your messages and apply to the blank card with double sided tape. This gift was for my daughter. I printed quotes that pertained to a mother-daughter relationship using MS Publisher. Just type your own message and format the fonts and colors to your liking.

Insert message cards into each roll.

 Gift cards fit perfectly into each slot. I put a $5 gift card into one of the quote sleeves. You can insert cash, or nothing at all. 

The finished product!

Add ribbon for the final touches. Your imagination is the only limit.

2 thoughts on “Repurposed Gift Card Message Book

  1. Denise, I do believe that you never sleep. Not really. Up in that brain are all kinds of creative ideas scampering around. So clever!

  2. This is awesome. I would have never known that it was made from that. I think that I will have to start collecting toilet paper rolls…heaven knows that i go through enough of it in my household!

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