Table Setting: Using Single Flower Arrangements

Single Flower Table Setting Arrangement

Part of the whole dining experience is visual. It’s about taste, but it’s also about how the eye perceives the presentation of the food. I am always scouting out inexpensive ways to make the food look over the top.

This above flower vase from was a perfect fit for me. I have used these mini vases repeatedly not only for a table setting but also for arrangements on kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities.

Pictured below are a couple of other favorites from All are very affordable (under $10) and can be used over and over again when entertaining. During the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons, consider filling with holly sprigs or snippets of colorful mum flowers.

Curved Mini Bud Vase

Perfect size to place at each place setting.


Three Ball Hanging Vase

This vase hangs, but can easily sit on a table.

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