Table Setting: Butterfly Placecards

Butterfly Shaped Table Placecards

Hand print or use a computer program to print the guest names.

It’s holiday time and Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here in a heartbeat. I do plenty of entertaining during the holidays and am always looking for new ideas to dress my table for dinner guests.

This is such a simple way to use place cards for table seating. I have included a PDF file for you to download these butterfly place cards. Just be sure to cut inside the black lines. I used a photo editing program to print the names on each placecard. You can also hand write the names. A gold or silver marker will lend itself to a holiday theme. Or, just use a black Sharpie marker. Hope you have better handwriting than mine.

I used standard 20 lb. paper but card stock can also be used. Consider using other shapes such as a snowman, star or flower. Keep the design simple. There is plenty of free line drawing artwork online that will work well for printing table place cards.

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