Leap Year Frog Puppet

The 2012 Leap Year fell on a Wednesday. I loved it because the grand kids stay every Wednesday for an overnight. As usual, Blimpy Girl, NeeNee, had a fun pre-dinner event planned.

Frog puppets were on the agenda. I had a device that allows you to record sounds. I recorded a croaking frog sound and then hid the recorder under the paper bag. Every time the kids tapped the counter, the frog would croak. They loved it!

Twelve frog heads were hidden around the house for the kids to find. Three of those were marked for special prizes. This week there were no monetary prizes. Instead the kids searched for three coupons:

  • I get to pick the movie for the night
  • I get a special NeeNee and Poppy day
  • I get to pick who I want to sleep with on my overnight stay (oddly enough, they fight over who gets to sleep with us).

 Here is the printable paper bag puppet. Hope your little peeps enjoy it as much as mine did. I also included a coloring page and maze.

Brown Bag Frog Puppet

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