DIY Wine Cork Place Card Holder

Wine Cork Place Card Holder

I am always looking for creative ways to repurpose items. At my house, we have wine corks coming out the wazoooo. Literally! My honey man refuses to throw away corks because he knows most wineries are eventually going to screw caps.

This Thanksgiving, I am using some of those kazillion wine corks to make place cards at the table. The place cards read, “I am Thankful For…”. Each person must write something for which they are thankful before partaking of the meal. It should prove fun and, if nothing more, its’s a great way to start conversation between dinner guests.

Thanksgiving Wine Cork Place Card Holder

So… what are you thankful for this Thanksgiving season? I’m thankful to have work that allows me some personal freedom, a healthy family, my faith and a hubby who hangs with me through good and bad times.

Using a hand held hack saw make a lengthwise cut into the cork. Use a small amount of dental wax to keep the cork upright once the place card is inserted. You won’t need much. If you can find clear wax that is even better. Grab “I Am Thankful For” Printable Place Card Template

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