Craft Day: Mail Carrier Bags

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Olivia delivering mail from her hand made carrier bag.

This week’s pre-dinner craft with the grandkids were mail carrier bags made from recycled grocery bags. I cut off the top portion of the bag (to acccommadate their size) and punched holes on each side of the bag. A piece of twine was threaded through the holes. The twine ends were knotted and secured in place with packing tape.

Supplies are assembled.I happen to have plenty of shipping stickers since my business ships daily. I dispensed a few of those along with stamps and mailing labels I printed online.

With scissors and double sided tape in hand, the kids decorated their carrier bags and filled them with junk mail I had saved. I also gave them envelopes to address. They filled the envelope with papers that were earmarked for the trash.

 My three-year old grandson cutting out his postage stamps.

I recycled small postal boxes and the kids stuff small goodies into them and taped closed. I never thought I could find a use for the massive amount of  junk mail I receive. This project recycles some of that paper, if only for a brief time.

My grand kids [age 3, 5 and 8] played with their mail carrier bags while I prepared dinner. We are storing them for future play time.

Fischer stuffing his bag with mail.

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