The Osage Orange Fall Centerpiece…DONE!

Osage Orange Table Centerpiece

Just finished the Osage Orange Fall Centerpiece. Wowie!! It wasn’t as easy as I thought. Those dog-gone oranges are pretty hefty in weight and getting them to remain upright in the arrangement took some engineering skills. And, let’s not fool anyone, I’m not an engineer. I might be creative but, I’m absolutely certain there was a better way to make this whole arrangement work.

Sadly, the photo shown was taken late tonight. I’ll post a better picture with good lighting tomorrow. I haven’t really calculated pricing, but I’m fairly certain this arrangement was quite pricey for most individuals. The dish alone was $9 and even at 50% off the silk flower, I think I’m around $35. All in all, not too bad since ordering this from a floral store would be double that cost and I had the enjoyment of making it myself.

 I used wooden skewers to secure and seat the Osage Oranges. Take note: DO NOT stab yourself in the palm of the hand while trying to drive the skewer into the orange. NOT GOOD!

I will be curious to see how long the Osage Oranges will last in the arrangement. Hoping it makes it through the Thanksgiving holiday. What shocked me the most in my research of the Osage Orange was these are selling for $2 each on several web sites. Heck, I need to start selling Osage Oranges. And to think I’ve been letting strangers pick them up for free… UMMmmm… gonna have to rethink that!


One thought on “The Osage Orange Fall Centerpiece…DONE!

  1. Such a pretty centerpiece. Do you think that the bowl is a little pricey. You could most likely find some nice bowls at second hand stores. I’ll keep my eye out for them.

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