Smartie Valentine Candy Airplane

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Smartie Candy Valentine Airplane

 I think it’s already been established that I’m OCD. I could have just shopped a local retail store for Valentine cards. But, oh no, not me!! My compulsive disorder kicked into high gear and I decided to make these candy airplanes for my grand son’s third grade classmates. Of course, then the other two grand kids wanted the same.

I had problems with the gum wings drooping. My solution: a wooden spoon (the kind ice cream places use as tasting spoons). You could probably stack multiple pieces of gum for more stability, but I was trying to keep the cost down and the tasting spoon seemed like a better option. I might even consider sending small yogurt cups for the kids to use with the taster spoons. That is to be determined.

I ordered the red rubber bands online at Amazon Marketplace (Christy’s Toy Outlet). A 40 ounce bag was $4.99 plus $3.95 in shipping. You might be able to find them locally, but I didn’t want to spend time and gas driving from store to store. Trust me, you will have enough red bands to make over 100 airplanes… should you so desire.

How to make a Smartie Candy airplane

 I set up an assembly line for making the candy airplanes. Here is what you will need:

  • Lifesaver candies. I purchased a bulk bag of different colors and flavors.
  • Sticks of gum
  • Wooden tasting spoons (optional)
  • Rubber bands (I used red)
  • Smartie candies
  • Curling ribbon (about 8 inches per airplane)
  • Airplane trailer tags (I printed mine here, courtesy of Shabby Chic Crafts)
  • 4 x 8 poly bags (purchased from
  • Printable “FROM” tags that read, “Have a HIGH FLYING Valentine’s Day”
  • Hand-held hole punch
  • Scissors (for curling ribbon and cutting tags)


 Get your assembly line ready if making large quantities. Take the wrappers off the Lifesaver candies. I bought mine in bulk so they were individually wrapped. Thread the rubber band through both inner circles of the Lifesavers. These will be the airplane wheels.

Place gum stick on the wooden spoon. Secure in place with the rubber bands. These are the airplane wings. Next slide a Smartie candy between the Lifesaver wheels.

Tie curling ribbon to end of the Smartie candy and attach the Happy Valentine trailer. Place the prepared airplane in the 4 x 8 bag along with the “FROM” card.

I used clear adhesive circles to close the top of the bag. Scotch tape will work just as well, or, a heat sealing machine (not exactly a household item, but I have a couple for my business).


You can decorate the gum stick with foam shapes (small hearts). I didn’t want to spend the extra time since I was making quite of number of these guys.

Happy Valentine Smartie Candy Airplane

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