Scavenger Hunt Placemats

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Valentine Savenger Hunt Placemat

Every Wednesday the grand kids come for an overnight. I plan a creative activity for the kids to do while I prepare dinner. This week it was a pre-Valentine scavenger hunt.

I tore sheets of white paper from a packing roll at work. They were the place mats. Next, large hearts were printed on card stock paper and taped to each mat. Now for the scavenger hunt…. hmmmm… we are working with a 3, 6, and 8 year old which means the hunt must be relatively easy to finish by dinner time.

Three year old, Fischer had to find 3 colored objects. A green, a red, and something yellow. He also needed a noise making object and something round.

Each grand kid had different items to find and place next to their place mats. The rule was you must be able carry the item in your hands. Geezzz, didn’t want a sofa sitting on the counter top.

It proved a successful pre-dinner game. The kids had a blast running around the house seeking the items on their list. Fischer was quite proud that his brother’s Ipod was the noise object.

The best part, you can use this idea for any occasion. St. Patrick’s Day, Fourth of July, Birthdays… kids 10 and under will love it! Certainly you could make it over the top… but, why? It’s a throw away place mat. Don’t labor over it. I promise, kids aren’t concerned with your elaborate ideas, they only want to have fun and share time with you.


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