Bridal Shower Panty Envelope

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This post is so far removed from food but I must share. My daughter thought this rocked and she’s taking it to a bridal shower tonight. The same shower I blogged about in my last post (the artichoke spinach dip).

A Panty Envelope

I call it a Pantie Envelope and tucked inside is a pair of new pink panties for the bride to be. The shower hostess asked each attendee to purchase a pair of panties in the style they wear. The bride must then guess which pantie belongs to each girl. Very clever! Of course, Blimpy Girl jazzed it up a bit. Come on, you can’t walk into a bridal shower toting pink panties in one hand and artichoke dip in the other.

Here’s the how to:

Secure a 5/8 inch wide ribbon strip to top edge of 81/2″ x 11″ card stock. You’ll need double-sided tape or glue. I prefer tape because there’s no mess or drying time. Once ribbon is secure, fold the paper to meet the bottom edge of the ribbon. You want the ribbon to show. Close the sides of the envelope with double sided tape.

Cut a piece of ribbon and wrap around the front and back of the folded envelope. Secure with double sided tape (that double sided tape is really my best friend). Cover a 4.25″ x 2 1/8″ manilla  tag with printed paper that is trimmed to fit the tag. Punch a hole  at the top of tag and also along the right top edge of envelope. Thread a piece of ribbon through the punched hole to keep the gift tag in place.

The heart shaped “Guess Who?” was created in MS Publisher and taped to the tag. Slip the panties into the envelope and you’re done! I made this in under 10 minutes. The next time you attend a bridal shower and the Guess Who’s Panties game is played, you can showcase your favorite pantie type in a handcrafted pantie envelope. Keep in mind big girl panties won’t fit in the envelope and you certainly don’t want to admit you wear them, especially at a bridal shower.  Go purchase a pair of hottie tottie panties and really stump the bride.

Tip: If you don’t have manilla tags on hand, simply cut a piece of card stock to size and place your printed design over the card stock paper.


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