It’s Fall… where has the summer gone?

Geez-o-pete! It’s been a month since my last post. I’ve been enjoying the last dog-days of summer before Michigan ushers in her cold Winter blast. I’ve already started putting out outdoor Halloween decorations and planning a “spooky camp out” for my nine-year old grandson.

I have two posts you might find interesting. The first is this incredible artwork painted by my friend, Peg. When I saw her hand-crafted art piece, it shouted, “I would look so good hanging next to your wine cellar”. I agree!

Wine Art

The artwork is hand painted on the reverse side of the glass. Labels from various wine bottles or beverages are applied before the painting process. The picture frame is made from a recycled, distressed window frame.

Peg will also custom design her art for java lovers. Feel free to email me if interested in having a piece commissioned.

My second post concerns these Roll Horn molds. I’m excited to see what can be done with them both with soap and food. The food inspiration came from Hungry Happenings (thanks, Beth!). When I saw these awesome sandwich roll-ups, my mind was filled with soaping ideas for GoPlanetEarth.

 If this works for food, why wouldn’t it work for soaping projects? How about filling the cone with bath salts, or an herbal bath tea? Ooo, Ooo, Ooo… my mind is racing with ideas. Be sure to check back on Blimpy Girl’s site for an update on the food stuff I’m doing with these way-cool cones. And, my GoPlanetEarth site for soaping fun. Will showcase some pics within the next week.

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