An Ice Cream Kind of Day

Good to the last lick!

When you live in Michigan and get a 70 degree day in March, you celebrate. The grand kids celebrated by making ice cream sundaes. Of course, is was fat-free ice cream and fat-free syrups, but they didn’t seem to mind. As you can see from the above picture, my youngest grand son licked every last drop from his dish.

What is ice cream without sprinkles…lots and lots of them? They became over ambitious when I left them alone to get the special sundae spoons. Most of the sprinkle containers were empty by the time I returned and the ice cream was swimming in a pool of strawberry and chocolate syrup.

The kids spent so much time decorating, the ice cream was melting.  The special sundae spoons were handy. The spoon end is removable and *presto*, you have a straw for sucking up all the melted goodness. Of course, licking the bowl like a dog is another option.

Sipping melted ice cream with a straw.

Blimpy Girl NeeNee is a smart cookie. I anticipated the aftermath of this decorating frenzy and taped white butcher paper to the table. Clean up was a breeze.

 The weather forecast for the next few days is sunny, low 80s. These record breaking temps are spoiling us Michiganders. I predict a “barbecuing kind of day” is on Blimpy Girls menu plan this week.

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