A Purse Filled with Wine!

A new take on wine in the box: It's a purse!

The wine-guy sent me this photo of the newest addition to the company’s wine portfolio. Wine box purses. I love that my honey-man is toting the pink purse.

Pink wine purse is a Rose.Several varietals are available. The pink purse is Rose, cream color is Pinot Grigio and red color is Pinot Noir/Merlot.

I can’t wait to take a couple of wine purses to my next Bunco event. The girls are going to love them.

These wine boxes were first showcased on The View, April 28. The winery went public May 1, 2012. The wine-guy informed me they are flying off the shelves. At a cost $13 each, why wouldn’t they?

Blimpy Girl gives the wine purse / handbag a big thumbs up! Bachelorette parties, wedding showers, Bunco nights or just a girls night out, these purse wine boxes are portable and fun.

Pinot Grigio Purse Wine Box

Eating Asparagus, Kid’s Style

We had plenty of fun eating dinner with the grand kids last night. The grilled asparagus was a hit except with four year old, Fischer. He wanted no part of these long green stems that looked like oversize pieces of grass. Thankfully, big brother came to the rescue. His strategy was simple.

“Plug your nose Fischer and you won’t taste it. As soon as you swallow it, take a drink of chocolate milk to help the asparagus go down your throat.”

Watching Fischer’s facial expressions gave us all a chuckle. In the end, he finished one asparagus stem. It was a milestone. One green vegetable down. There’s still green beans and broccoli to conquer. I’m hoping the “plug your nose” technique works for those as well.

Fischer trying to swallow the chewed asparagus.
Fischer trying to swallow the chewed asparagus.

My nine year old grandson, Carson, helped Poppy clean and grill the asparagus. It was a joy watching them work together in the kitchen. Carson was extremely proud of his efforts to put dinner on the table. There is something about working together in a kitchen setting that evokes a spirit of camaraderie.

Carson helps Poppy peel the asparagus for grilling.

 Fischer helped skewer the shrimp, steak and veggies. Olivia took care of setting the dinner table.

Last night’s dinner on the deck was a group effort. We took turns sharing about our day (both good and bad), cleared the table, worked on special Father’s Day gifts and rode bikes.

Fischer assembles the skewers for the grill. Olivia sets the dinner table.

 The finished dinner! Bravo to my little peeps for lending a hand.

The finished grilled meal!


A Polka Dot Birthday Affair

Polka Dot Birthday Party Theme

I finished planning and gathering supplies for my grandson’s upcoming Camouflage Birthday theme. It’s now time to focus on my granddaughter’s birthday. May will be a busy month with two birthday parties a week apart.

As a school principal with three kids, my daughter has little time for party planning, so I offered to help. My granddaughter’s name starts with an “O” (Olivia). A polka-dot theme seemed an ideal choice. Olivia’s only request was that pink was included in the party colors.

Polka Dot Birthday Theme InvitationYellow, pink, black and white are the themed colors of choice. The invitation (shown left) include a black and white polka dot bow in the upper right corner. I printed 6 x 9 envelopes with the same design but arranged the objects to allow for postal mailing.

 I did a quick run through on the table setting placements. I know it sounds crazy, but I leave for vaction next week and have little time to get my dots in row (yes, pun intended).

Prepping the table setting for the upcoming party.

The final table setting will include linen tablecloths (light pink with a black overlay), polka dot balloons attached to each lunch box and glass stemware tied with a ribbon. Pink lemonade with a lime wedge is the party beverage. I found the grass mats online. The cost was minimal and I can reuse them for other party events.

The menu is simple. PBJ sandwiches from Costco, pink yogurt and fruit kabobs. No cake or cupcakes, just mini cinnimon rolls with a candle in each one. This was Olivia’s request. Besides, kids tend to eat only the frosting and the rest goes to waste.

This is a “Pamper Me” party. There are four girls and one adult to work each Pamper Station. There are Mani, Pedi, Hair and Make-up stations. The hair station includes French braiding along with extension feather clips. Of course, Justin Bieber will be the background music. Yippee, I can’t wait (NOT!). The sacrifices we make for our grand kids.
Birthday Party Goodie Bag Purse

The purse goodie bags are from Oriental Trading (very reasonable). The contents include:

  • Flower hair clip
  • Pedicure set
  • Flower emery board
  • Pink nail polish
  • Mascara
  • Tinkerbell mineral make-up face paint tatto
  • Buterfly tattos
  • Lip gloss
  • Fairy dust candy straws
  • Polka dot compact brush
  • 2 Feather hair extensions
  • Ankle and wrist jingle braclets
  • Bling rings
  • Colorful bead necklace

Total cost of each goodie bag (I only need four) is $17.50 each. Plus, they can use some of these items at the party. Contents were purchased from Oriental Trading and Forever 21. The Tinkerbell mineral make-up stamp was from an online party store. It was the most expensive item at $3 each but can be reused multiple times.

The final party touch are white chair covers. I didn’t count them in the party costs since they can be used when hosting my personal events. Black, white and pink tulle dress the back of each chair along with a large black silk gerbera flower.

I will take plenty of photos once the table and party decorations are officially in place. Look for printable templates so you can create your own polka-dot party.


Scrambled Brain Eggs

Scrambled Brain Eggs

Now here’s a new take on scrambled eggs…brain eggs. This morning my honey-man (the wine guy) made this egg scramble for our 9 year old grand son, Carson. When ketchup was squirted on the eggs, it looked like brains Ala mode (go figure, he’s a boy and that kind of stuff excites him).

Scramble Brain Egg DishNothing complements a brain egg dish better than green ham. I am certain there is a story line in here somewhere. I just have to figure it out.

Kids love when you are creative with food or any other activity. They will dive in wholeheartedly if you make it fun.

It was an unexpected Sunday morning with the grand kids. It’s what the wine-guy and I live for… the little peeps remind us life is good.

Happy Sunday, my friends.

Chopstick Children

Carson learning to eat with chopsticks

Poppy (the wine-guy) and I had the grand kids on Friday night. Poppy prepared filet mignon steak for the them along with mac n’ cheese, spinach salad and leftover pizza. It was quite a combination of flavors.

My nine year old grandson, Carson (pictured above) has been intrigued with chopsticks ever since he watched Poppy use them at dinner one night. He is working hard to become skilled in their proper use, something Blimpy Girl has failed at miserably.

Five year old Olivia (soon to be six) used more of a jab and stab technique. It’s very similar to the way Blimpy Girl NeeNee uses chopsticks. On a recent trip to Argentina, we went with a large group to a sushi bar. I was the only one that requested a fork. Yes, it was embarrassing but dropping sushi all over my lap while trying to manipulate chopsticks would have been worse.

Our youngest grand child, Fischer, handled the chopsticks fairly well, considering he is only three (soon to be four). If his brother and sister are doing it, then count him in on the action. When the kids started to use the chopsticks to eat their pizza, Poppy quickly reminded them that pizza is “finger” food.

It was a fun meal. The kids learned something new and we discussed different cultures. Our sister-in-law, Mariko, is Japanese and we try to incorporate her heritage and culture into our family gatherings. I posted her Gyoza recipe a while back.

Happy Easter!

Jelly Bean Prayer Easter Centerpiece

I am looking forward to our family Easter celebration today. My grand kids are back in Michigan after a week’s stay at their NeNa and Poppa’s house. The table is set for our twenty guests and includes the above Jelly Bean Prayer centerpiece. I happened upon the poem while surfing the net and thought it clever. I’m not sure of the author, otherwise I would give credit where credit is due.

I printed out each poem line and secured the front and back sides with double sided tape (my favorite tape, as you know). Printing on both sides allows guests to read the poem from any table seat. Wooden skewers (cut in half) seat the poem line into the wheat grass egg cups. Yep, that same wheat grass I’ve been yapping about in prior posts.

Jelly Bean Prayer for Easter

Jelly Bean Prayer
A bag full of Jelly Beans colorful and sweet is a prayer, a promise, is a child’s treat.

Red is for the blood He gave
Green is for the grass he made
Yellow is for the sun so bright
Orange is for the edge of night
Black is for the sins we made
Purple is for His hours of sorrow
Pink is for our new tomorrow.


Jelly beans are sprinkled around each egg cup. This poem will be our Easter dinner blessing. After dinner, we will have a traditional egg hunt for the kids.Thankfully, the weather has agreed to cooperate. Sack races, canvas painting/decorating and prizes are all part of the celebration. For my family, it’s a day of rejoicing in our faith of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. However you celebrate Easter, may it be a time of sharing the company of those you hold dear.

Printable Easter Brunch Invitations

Printable Easter Brunch Invitation

This is my first year hosting a post-mass Easter brunch. I’ve always done Easter egg hunts and baskets for the grand kids, but never gathered around a table with those I love to break bread.

These are the invitation and menu for this year’s Easter Brunch. Feel free to print your own copies using this MS Publisher template. Type in your own information and print on card stock. Punch two holes in the top of the invite. Thread a colorful ribbon through the holes. Double-sided tape works great for attaching the menu to the backside of the invitation.

Template prints two invitations per 8 1/2 x 11 page and easily fits inside a 6″ x 9″ envelope.

Easter Menu Template

So…what is Blimpy Girl’s Easter Menu? Considering the wine-guy loves Lox, smoked salmon is a must.

The Menu Agenda:

Printable Easter Brunch Invitations



Tacos and a Backyard Relay

The unseasonably warm weather in Michigan continues. Heck, it was in the 80’s today. Snow or frost would normally be covering the ground.

It was taco dining on the deck last night.  Ground turkey, low fat cheddar, low fat taco sauce and low fat sour cream kept this taco meal in check (at least by Blimpy Girl’s standards).

I’m seizing every opportunity to enjoy this awesome weather; so, a post dinner relay race was planned.

Love those tacos, NeeNee!By the looks of Fischer’s plate (right), I ‘m thinking the taco meal was a hit. Now, time for the relay obstacle race!

The kids sized up the relay event before being blind folded. The Mission:  Place objects in their bags which included prizes such as “Get to see a big screen movie”, a “weekend lunch date with NeeNee and Poppy” and “5 extra minute back rub from Poppy”.

There were a few minor cheating issues with the blind fold, but we worked through the kinks.

Olivia running the obstacle course.Blue painter’s tape marked the course. Each obstacle required something be added to the bag. Let’s see… there were potatoes, spoons, pine cones, tea bags and carrot sticks.

The kids laughed, argued, encouraged and guided each other around the course. They spewed  venom in one breath, and embraced each other in the next.


Below is my little Fish trying to read (through a blindfold,~ of course, he can’t read) the prize he was awarded. He’s a happy camper and loves whatever prize he gets. So much like his Mommy, happy go-lucky!

I found it NeeNee!

I do admit to moments of living vicariously through my grand kids  This was one of them. I’ve learned more from my grand kids than my own (grown-up) life experiences.

Olivia guiding her big brother through the obstacle course.As we were winding down from the race and heading back to the house, the kids gave me big bear hugs. It ensured me they enjoyed the relay race adventure.

I can only hope they remember these Wednesday night events once I am gone. It’s what parents/grandparents strive for, creating moments that leave a life legacy to the next generation.