Two New Cookbooks Arrive

My New Cookbooks!

I am soooo excited about the arrival of these new cookbooks. They are a gift from good friends, Kellie & Jefre, who live in Spokane, WA. This couple exemplifies a healthy lifestyle I can only hope to achieve. They ski, kayak, hike, eat healthy, garden with a purpose, and never waiver in their efforts to stay healthy.

My husband had a tattered and torn copy of the Moosewood Cookbook. The new copy was a special treat for him as he has used many of the recipes from this book. The Enchanted Broccoli Forest cookbook is new to both of us.

This weekend, I hope to find time to browse and bookmark new recipes I would like to try. I already have my eye on a Savory Vegetable Cheesecake dish. I never thought I would enjoy the challenge of cooking. Yes, challenge is the right word! Considering I rarely (if ever) cooked before Blimpy Girl was birthed, I am actually having fun cooking and testing new recipes.

If anyone has favorite recipes from either of cookbook, please share.

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