Three Cheese Apple Bacon Zuc Frittata

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Apple & Bacon, Cheese Zuc Frittata

I am falling in love with “Frittata” dishes. They are quick, great for using up leftovers and generally low in calories. A generous slice of this frittata will only cost you about 200 calories, less if you use low-fat cheeses. I didn’t have any low-fat Swiss cheese on hand, so used regular Swiss.

This dish will take you about 20 minutes to prepare. Yes, it’s true… 20 minutes. The egg filling includes chunks of portabella mushroom, turkey bacon, apple, and three different cheeses. I added a diced zucchini just because it needed to be used up. Fresh strawberries are a perfect pairing with the 3 cheeses.

I used egg substitute plus one “real” egg, only because I didn’t have enough of the egg substitute. It worked great. If you want the frittata to be more light and fluffy, use water in place of the milk or cream. Grab the Recipe

Frittata Slice

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