Mixed Bean Salad Ala Carte

Three Bean SaladI whipped up this bean salad for lunches this week. One cup=125 calories. Can’t beat that! If you’re on a slippery slope to weight loss. My “lifestyle” eating plan includes 5 small meals a day. Almost no sugar, very lean meats and plenty of veggies. Skipping meals is a no-no for me. You can’t burn fat if you aren’t feeding the body.

If you are battling the bulge, don’t give up! I never thought I could lose the weight. It’s all about portion control and eliminating the snacking. Make it a lifestyle instead of a diet plan. I need to stay healthy for my grand kids, for myself, and for my honey-man. I still have plenty of years left in me. I want to enjoy them in “skinny” clothes. Grab the Recipe

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