The “Real” Blimpy Girl Lunch

The "Real" Blimpy Girl LunchI’m going to share a little known secret about Blimpy Girl. All those lovely plated meals and pictures I show online… they are all pretend. Just kidding! But in some regards, it’s not all that it appears to be.

In the real world of Blimpy Girl, I barely have time to eat the meals I prepare. This picture presents a good image of how I eat on the fly. I’m having lunch in my office today while texting, answering phone calls, responding to emails, and all the other computer stuff that goes with running a company.

There are those few occasions I actually get to sit down at a table and eat my meals. For the most part, that is not the case. Just like you, my life is full, busy and there’s little time for even the essentials…like eating. There are many days I spend at least 10 minutes just looking for my eyeglasses which tend to be parked on my head. Go figure.

My point? Blimpy Girl is no different than you. Yes, I’ve lost weight, but it’s a daily struggle to maintain that weight loss. Heck, just this week I purchased a bag of Funyuns to use as a breading for a chicken dish. Within 10 minutes, I had opened the bag and chowed down 500 calories of delicious goodness. I should also mention it was 500 whopping FAT calories.

Just wanted to let you know that Blimpy Girl is a real person who battles the same food and calorie demons as you. My goal continues to be 3- 5 small meals a day and keeping my calorie intake at 1200. Your goal may differ, but the bottom line is being consistent in managing your weight loss. You can’t  binge and starve (that’s what my honey man does) and expect to maintain a weight loss agenda.

Have an eating plan in place and follow it. If you run off course every now and then, that’s OK. Just get back on the fairway and look for the green. If you’ve never golfed that will make no sense to you. So… how about this? If you get off onto the shoulder of the road with your diet or eating plan, turn your wheels and drive like a bat outta hell until you’re back on track. Leave skid marks if you have to but get back on the road to a healthy eating plan. You can do it!

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