Tacos and a Backyard Relay

The unseasonably warm weather in Michigan continues. Heck, it was in the 80’s today. Snow or frost would normally be covering the ground.

It was taco dining on the deck last night.  Ground turkey, low fat cheddar, low fat taco sauce and low fat sour cream kept this taco meal in check (at least by Blimpy Girl’s standards).

I’m seizing every opportunity to enjoy this awesome weather; so, a post dinner relay race was planned.

Love those tacos, NeeNee!By the looks of Fischer’s plate (right), I ‘m thinking the taco meal was a hit. Now, time for the relay obstacle race!

The kids sized up the relay event before being blind folded. The Mission:  Place objects in their bags which included prizes such as “Get to see a big screen movie”, a “weekend lunch date with NeeNee and Poppy” and “5 extra minute back rub from Poppy”.

There were a few minor cheating issues with the blind fold, but we worked through the kinks.

Olivia running the obstacle course.Blue painter’s tape marked the course. Each obstacle required something be added to the bag. Let’s see… there were potatoes, spoons, pine cones, tea bags and carrot sticks.

The kids laughed, argued, encouraged and guided each other around the course. They spewed  venom in one breath, and embraced each other in the next.


Below is my little Fish trying to read (through a blindfold,~ of course, he can’t read) the prize he was awarded. He’s a happy camper and loves whatever prize he gets. So much like his Mommy, happy go-lucky!

I found it NeeNee!

I do admit to moments of living vicariously through my grand kids  This was one of them. I’ve learned more from my grand kids than my own (grown-up) life experiences.

Olivia guiding her big brother through the obstacle course.As we were winding down from the race and heading back to the house, the kids gave me big bear hugs. It ensured me they enjoyed the relay race adventure.

I can only hope they remember these Wednesday night events once I am gone. It’s what parents/grandparents strive for, creating moments that leave a life legacy to the next generation.


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