Southern Style Barbecue Spam

When my daughter phoned last night and asked if I would have lunch ready in the morning, I said yes…. but…

The ‘but” was followed with, “I’m making barbecue spam and fried potatoes.” My daughter’s immediate reply, “Great! I remember having that as a kid. It was one of my favorites.”

Quite honestly, I was shocked. Spam was something I prepared while a single mom struggling to stretch a dollar. I would glorify it with barbecue sauce. As my Southern Grammy would say, “Barbecue sauce can make anything taste good.” I’m fairly certain she had to stretch a few dollars in her lifetime as well.

 Cooking the spam slices.

Place sliced Spam in a skillet and smother in barbecue sauce. Heck, the cheapest brand you can find works just fine. Cook over medium heat turning the Spam slices to ensure they are evenly coated in the sauce.

Cook Spam slices until slightly crispy.Cook slices until slightly crispy and most of the sauce has been reduced. They aren’t pretty to look at, but I promise they are quite tasty. If you can’t bear their appearance, put them between slices of bread.

My side dish preference with Spam is fried potatoes with onions and sauteed zucchini slices.The whole meal reminds of something a cowboy or farm worker would welcome after a tiring work day. It’s called comfort food! 

I can’t help but crack a smile when I consider the magnificent restaurants the Wine Guy and I frequent, not to mention the wine gigs we attend. What a twist to feature Spam as a meal of choice. I wonder what kind of wine my honey-man would recommend with this gourmet meal. Probably Boone’s Farm! As for me, a tall glass of my grandpa’s buttermilk would work just fine.

The plated meal.

Calories for 3 slices of this BBQ meat is in the neighborhood of 220 calories. Surprised? So was I. Even with a scoop of the fried pototoes and zuchinni you’re only around 350 calories.

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