How To: Snowman Lunch Bags for Kids

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Snowman Brown Bag Lunch Bags

Every Wednesday night the grand kids come for an overnighter to attend Awana classes and hang out for popcorn and movie.

“The Blimpy Girl, better known to them as “NeeNee”, always make sure there is a pre-dinner craft to occupy time and help them focus on their creative abilities.

Last night it was snowing … hmmm… how about making snowman placemats that can later be cut-out and applied to lunch bags. I had plenty of left-over craft supplies from summer vacation with the grand kids. Eight year old, Carson, was excited to make the snowman, but opted out on the lunch bag idea. He’s a bit beyond a snowman lunch bag (and I don’t blame him). The 3 and 5 year old were all about it.

Making Snowman Brown Bag Lunch Bags

I printed out the snowman from here, and then assembled various craft items to make the snowman more interesting. Wiggle eyes, pom-poms for the top of the hat, ice cream sticks cut in half for the arms and colorful buttons.

Making snowman cut-outs to decorate brown lunch bags.This was 3 year old, Fischer’s, snowman. He goes to pre-school and was sooo excited about his lunch bag. We filled it with string cheese, fresh strawberries, slice of bologna with no bread (don’t ask) and a banana.

The younger kids got a kick out of picking out their snowman lunch. Oh, to be young again. Little people are happy with the smallest things. As long as you’re spending time with them and they feel special, they are happy campers.

Printable Cutout Snowman

 Grand son's Brown Bag Snowman Lunch

This is the part of the lunch my 3-year old grandson packed. His nanny, Jenni, was so creative in making it fun. I think a bite (or two) was taken out of one eye and eyebrows…think??

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