Reinventing Leftovers: BBQ Chicken Sandwich

BBQ Chicken Sandwich with Oven Roasted Avocado Salad

OK. I’ll be the first to admit that I dislike eating leftovers. If I had it the night before, I don’t want it for dinner the next night. In this case, I made an exception. That delish BBQ chicken dish I made the night before turned into a BBQ chicken sandwich for lunch today.

I shredded the chicken with fork prongs. The chicken was so tender from cooking in the crock pot that it shred easily. The leftover BBQ sauce mixture was tossed into the shredded chicken and stacked onto a “sandwish” bun. These buns are only 100 calories and an awesome addition to the pantry for those counting calories.

My daughter will be picking up this lunch so I wrapped the chicken sandwich in plastic wrap to keep it fresh. The plastic wrap can be removed and the sandwich heated in the microwave. Here is a reheating tip: Bread can become soggy when reheated in the microwave. Remove the meat and microwave separately on a small plate. Then, place the two bun halves in the microwave for about 25 seconds. You just want them to be slightly warm. Reapply the heated BBQ chicken mixture to the bottom bun, slap on the bun top and you’re good to go!

Roasted Avocado Mixed Green Salad

Let’s move on to the Roasted Avocado Salad. This was unexplored territory for me. Who has ever heard of roasting an avocado? Not me! The avocado was peeled and sliced into six sections. I sprayed a baking pan with non-stick oil (basil flavored) and roasted the slices in the oven for 15 minutes at a temperature of 400 degrees. Add plenty of salt and pepper to taste. I even sprayed extra basil flavored oil on the tops of the avocado slices.

The final results received a thumbs up. The added bulgar wheat (or you can use couscous, which I didn’t have on hand) and diced red onion gave some bulk to the mix green salad. A simple lemon juice and olive oil dressing made the salad complete.
Grab the Salad Recipe
Grab the BBQ Chicken Recipe

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