Pineapple-Apple Chicken Fettuccine

Pineapple-Apple Chicken Fetuccine

I tend to eat alot of chicken on my Blimpy Girl eating plan. Problem is, it can get boring. I’m always experimenting with new ways to make it a bit more exciting. Chicken breast on its own is fairly bland and dry unless you jazz it up a bit. Here was last night’s dinner, Pineapple-Apple Chicken over fettuccine noodles. The steamed baby snap peas were an added bonus.

I was able to make four servings from this recipe. However, I eat smaller portions, so if you have a hungry guy in the family, you may only get 2-3 servings.

Blimpy Girl Pineapple-Apple Chicken Fettucine

The chicken breast fillets are first baked in pineapple (juice included). Once cooked, the juice is reserved and the chicken chopped into bite size morsels. The sauce for the noodles is made from the reserved pineapple juice. A definite keeper in Blimpy Girl’s recipe file. Grab the Recipe

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