Burn the A**Hole Hot Sauce

Hot Sauce that Burns the A**Hole

Liquid Fire!

This is a shared,¬†somewhat revised, recipe from my good friend Wendy at RealFoodTips.com. If she says this is good, you can trust it is good. She’s an awesome gardener and advocate of cooking “real food”. Thanks Wendy for sharing your source and revisions. I can’t wait to try this.

Wendy’s Comments:

I loosely used this recipe (frozen mango for peaches, maple syrup for molasses, way less sugar and mustard, half apple cider vinegar plus a tomato). It is so good already, and you are supposed to wait a while to eat it. I made half the recipe and it made about 20oz. I figure that is about $25 worth of premium hot sauce. Damn it’s good! Grab the Recipe

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