Gyoza (potstickers) from Scratch

Japanese Gyoza from Scratch

It was a hindsight moment viewing this picture I snapped of my sister-in-law’s homemade Gyoza. My sister-in-law , Mariko, is Japanese and has recently become a US citizen after living in the States for 20 plus years. She offers so much insight into Japanese cuisine / culture and I love tasting her dishes and listening to conversations about Japanese lifestyles.

Every Christmas Mariko makes Gyoza for our family gathering. The Gyoza are to die for and eaten by family members in no time flat.  You need to arrive early if you hope to get a portion before the platter is empty. Each Gyoza is filled and crimped by hand. The dipping sauce is unbelievable. This year the Gyoza was made using beef soy crumbles, though pork is often the traditional meat used.

I watched in amazement as the Gyoza were filled and crimped by hand. Unfortunately, I was having a brain fart and never thought to take a picture of how this is done. Shame on me because there really is an art to making them look like this picture.

I am giving the recipe for the filling and dipping sauce. There are a couple of things I definitely suggest. One, use Gyoza wrappers, not won-ton wrappers. Gyoza wrappers are round. They may be hard to find, but not impossible. Many grocery stores now stock a section of Asian food products.

This is certainly not a Blimpy Girl dish, but it’s on the agenda for a Blimpy Girl weekend/holiday splurge (Yippee!!). A couple of these dipped in the blended soy sauce is certainly better for (and lower in calories) than french fries. Grab the Recipe

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