Green Eggs & Ham (Literally)

Green Chicken Eggs

Yes, really! Green chicken eggs. My grand kids will be nuts about seeing an actual green egg. When the grand kids stay the night, their breakfast is always green eggs and ham. They fell in love with the Dr. Seuss book and became obsessed with making scrambled eggs with green food coloring.

There are only two true breeds of chicken that produce green eggs. The oldest breed is called the Araucana chicken, and it originated in Chile. It’s a funny looking chicken, with poofy cheek feathers and no tail. Though the eggs are edible, we won’t be eating them. I may hard boil them and surprise the kids while reading Green Eggs and Ham at bedtime. How fun to pull out green eggs from underneath their pillows.

I acquired these eggs from a family member visiting from Maine. Lisa raises chickens including the Araucana breed. She packed these green eggs in her luggage on her flight to Michigan (yes, she actually packed eggs in her luggage). When I mentioned how much my grand kids loved the Dr. Seuss book, she gladly forfeited some eggs for us share with them. Thank you, Lisa.

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