Ghoulish Deviled Eyeballs

I so despise making deviled eggs. No matter how many tips I read about peeling off the shell… none work! These eggs were no different. However, ghoulish deviled eggs were tops on my grandson’s Halloween camp out menu. Sooooooo #%&**, I made them.

I am going to pounce on the next person that brings perfectly formed deviled eggs to my next party. They will be imprisoned in my kitchen until they confess the secret to peeling the shell from an egg without injury.

There’s no real secret to making these eggs. Same recipe you would normally use to make your deviled eggs. Only exception is green food coloring is added to the yolks and red food coloring is added to mayo and piped onto the eggs for veins. A few black olive slices for the pupil and you’ve got yourself a ghoulish eyeball.

For the record, two deviled egg halves is around 93 calories. Not bad if you can stop eating after two. You can reduce calories by using low fat mayonnaise.

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