Feta Cucumber Roll-Ups

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Cucumber Feta Roll Ups

What a refreshing salad course or appetizer dish. If using as a salad, arrange two cucumber rolls-ups on one leaf of Romaine lettuce. For pizzazz and color add a couple Romano tomato slices or grape tomatoes and lightly drizzle with a fresh vinaigrette basil dressing. Seedless cucumbers are the first choice, but if not available use a traditional slicing cucumbers.

Filling for the Cucumber Roll Ups

The feta mixture is placed on each cucumber slice and then rolled. A toothpick keeps everything in place (gotta love those toothpicks). There are couple of tips when making the filling.

1 ) Do not use sun-dried tomatoes packed in oil. The oil will make the filling runny and soggy.

2) When adding Kalamata olives, drain and rinse thoroughly. Pat dry before chopping.

3) Use ONLY fresh spinach leaves.

Place feta filling on cucumber slice and roll.

The addition of a fresh basil leave in each roll-up adds pizazz to the presentation and enhances the flavor combinations. If you don’t have fresh basil, use a baby spinach leaf inside each roll-up. Grab the Recipe

Other appetizer ideas include spooning the mixture onto round cucumber slices (a melon baller works great) or toasting thinly sliced baguette bread in the oven. Spread feta topping on toasted bread slices. Garnish with a sliver of red bell pepper.

2 thoughts on “Feta Cucumber Roll-Ups

  1. That’s a yes and no. Rolling up cucumbers is not (imagine that) but the filling is an adaptation of others I’ve seen. Mine was revised to meet the Blimpy Girl menu plan. I also added spinach, basil leaves and onion to my mixture. Low fat ingredients were used or substituted when possible. Example, sour cream would generally be used but I substituted low fat yogurt. If you use the recipe, please send feedback! These roll-ups really do display well atop a bed of greens surrounded by fresh tomatoes.

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