Curly Tapas Spoons~ What is Tapas?

Curly Tapas Spoons

So what’s all the buzz about Tapas? For me, it’s a fun dinner sharing various small plated food with friends. The term “Tapas” refers to “small plates”, like appetizers or sample dishes. A perfect mix when served with great wine and hanging with people you love.

My first experience at a Tapas restaurant was in Grand Rapids, Michigan (just across from the Amway Grand Hotel). I was in awe. All these small plates were delivered to our table with the opportunity to sample and taste so many different foods.

Ever since then, I am a big fan of Tapas dining. I recently ordered the above spoons to use at some of our Tapas dinners. A tapa is not a particular type of food, but rather a way of eating it. Tapas is best defined as the tradition of enjoying small portions of different appetizers and finger foods.

Serving Tapas Appetizers

Every year we do a “Tapas Dinner” with a party of 10 friends. It’s a great way to sample many different foods without preparing a main course. My most recent Tapas food experience was on our annual house boat trip to Lake Cumberland in Kentucky. On our farewell dinner, each couple prepared a Tapas dish to share with the couples. My honey and I made a Beef Wellington dish. So fun and a great time creating a sampler dish.

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