Creamy Wild Rice Soup

I’m not usually an advocate of packaged soups because of the high sodium and cholesterol levels. This soup packs 960 mg of sodium (about 40%). On the plus side,  it has zero cholesterol, trans-fat and sugars.

Creamy Wild Mushroom Soup

The soup is easily enhanced by adding 1/2 pound chopped chicken (cooked) and one cup diced portabella mushrooms. Before these additions, the calorie intake is minimal: 130 calories per prepared cup. Water is the only ingredient added to the powdered mix.

Soup in a Bread Bowl

Consider using a bread bowl to serve the soup. You can make your own bread, or pick up fresh bread from a local bakery. I would love to make my own bread, but 15 hour work days make it impossible. Until I retire (at age 101), I’ll be using local bakery shops. In my mind, fresh bread and soup are joined at the hip.

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