Chicken Crust Pizza

Chicken Crust PizzaI recently returned from a houseboat trip on Lake Cumberland in Kentucky. There were six couples and each couple was responsible for a breakfast and lunch. I served this Chicken Crust Pizza as my lunch dish. It was a hit and I promised I would post the recipe.

I suggest you prepare the chicken breast beforehand and freeze them for future use. That way, they are ready for any last minute dinner or lunch plans that sometimes get thrown into the mix. I Prep time is about 20 minutes for 6 pieces when you cook the chicken in advance. There’s some cutting and dicing for the toppings to be done, but that doesn’t take too much time.

Broling the Chicken Crust Pizza

Once you have everything layered on top of the pizza, broil until the cheese melts. Of all the Blimpy Girl meals I’ve prepared this remains one of my most favorites. Grab the Recipe

Pair it with a spinach- tomato salad and Guilt Free Cheese Sticks.

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