Bell Pepper Crust Pizza Slices

Bell Pepper Crust Pizza Slices

I love all bell peppers… red, yellow, orange and green. This is a recipe that has my name all over it. Pizza slices using bell peppers as the crust. Sadly, this isn’t even a dish I could share as my husband is not a fan of green peppers and my daughter doesn’t like red peppers. Geez, guess that means I’ll be having double portions.

I snagged two of these slices for lunch along with a side dish of oven roasted summer squash with onion and pan seared tomato slices. The entire plated dish was around 170 calories. Two peppers made 12 pizza slices. It’s best served hot but I’ll have to see what it takes to reheat for lunch tomorrow. I don’t usually¬†eat leftovers, but this might be an exception.

Low fat mozarella cheese, turkey pepperoni & seasoned tomato sauce.

Mozzarella cheese (fat-free, of course), turkey pepperoni and seasoned tomato sauce are the perfect combination for these pizza slices.

This is an EZ dish to make. The longest part is baking the pepper slices (abut 22 minutes). Then another 10 minutes once toppings are applied.  Grab the Recipe


Baked Summer Squash Spears & Onion

Grilled tomato slices, baked summer squash & onion are a perfect side dish.

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