Apple Zucchini Crostini

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Apple Zucchini Crostini

I had the grand kids for the weekend and failed to put together a grocery list for the wine-guy. It’s been slim pickings in the pantry and fridge this week. I found hard crusted bread in the freezer (already sliced by my  honey-man). A lone zucchini and apple called out from the fruit/veggie bowl and a low murmur was heard from the fridge. I carefully opened the fridge door, and to my surprise, a container of goat cheese was crying “Pick me, Pick me”. So I did. My goal was to prepare a Tuesday lunch for my daughter.

 Ingredients for making CrostiniBimpy Girl’s brain was spinning with recipe ideas as I lined up all my chosen ingredients.  I paced the kitchen opening cupboard doors looking for inspiration. And then, I spotted an unopened bottle of Ornellaia Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Holy,-Shamoly!! Dare I open a $40 bottle of gifted olive oil without the consent of the wine guy? After all, it was gifted to him, not me. I threw caution to the wind. With a quick twist of the cap, I transferred ownership rights to ME (based on “what’s yours is mine” wedding vows).

Coat bread with olive oil.

My menu plan: Crostini (meaning “little toasts” in Italian) topped with sauteed apples, zucchini and goat cheese. It’s an appetizer worthy of adding to your recipe file. The toppings can vary, but that’s what I love about crostini. You can personalize it with your own topping selections.

The bread slices were coated with my newly claimed, VERY expensive olive oil. Brush both sides of the bread.

Slice apples and soak in lemon water until ready to use.Roughly chop apple and zucchini
Soak apple slices in lemon water if not preparing dish immediately. This will keep apples from browning.

Roughly chop the apple and zucchini and toss into a skillet coated with non-stick cooking oil. Saute over medium heat until slightly soften. You don’t want it soggy so keep a watchful eye and turn often. It shouldn’t take more than a minute to cook using medium heat.

Whip goat cheese with milk.Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Place bread on a cookie sheet (sprayed with non-stick cooing oil). Lightly sprinkle with sea salt and toast each side for about 5-6 minutes. Remove from heat.

Place the goat cheese into a mixing bowl. Add 1 1/2 tablespoons of 2% milk. Whip with fork until nice and creamy.

Time to assemble. Place a spoonful of the apple/zucchini mixture onto each bread slice. Top with a dollop of whipped goat cheese and sprinkle with fresh ground pepper.

Crostini Toppings

The apple and zucchini are low in calories, but the olive oil and bread are not. Might to reserve this appetizer as a “weekend splurge” item. Pair two crostini with a baby spinach salad that includes apple slices and shredded zucchini. It’s a winning combination. I haven’t tallied the calories, but I’m guessing the salad and crostini is around 350 calories. I’ll let you know the exact count by week’s end.

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