Sweet & Spicy Beef Bites

Sweet & Spicy Beef BitesNow this dish has a little kick. Pepper flakes give it some zip. It’s then toned down a bit with pineapple bits and sweet Asian chili sauce.

This can be served up as either an appetizer or over rice. I elected to have it over sticky white rice. But, if using as an app, simply insert a toothpick into each bite size morsel and serve hot on a platter.

Six of these generous size bites will cost you slightly under 200 calories. Very filling and tasty if I don’t say so myself. Two scoops of white rice will add another 120 calories or so. You can easily cut back the rice to one generous ice cream scoop and pair down the rice calories.¬†Serve with a side salad using low-fat or fat-free dressing and you’ve got a dinner in the¬†neighborhood of 300 calories. Grab the Recipe


Sweet & Spicy Beef Bites

You can kick this up a notch by adding additional red pepper.

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