A Themed Halloween Dinner for Grand Kids

Themed Grand Kids Dinner: HalloweenHalloween is a big deal around my house, especially for the grand kids. They know that Blimpy Girl (also known as NeeNee) will be in bringing down all the Halloween decorations from the attic.

Yesterday was the big “attic” day. My grand kids are here every Wednesday night for dinner before heading off to Awana club. It’s a weekly ritual. I had two big boxes of Halloween decorations all ready for them to display both inside and outside. I also had a special Halloween table setting for dinner which included Halloween coloring pages. They love to color while the meal is being cooked and it’s a great time for them to share about their day. Grand Kids Decorate for Halloween

I am a firm believer in establishing traditions. It is the cement that often keeps families together. I don’t care if you just have one tradition a year, just make it happen. Throughout my lifetime, there have been changes. It’s inevitable. Life happens and there is an evolution of change we can’t control. However, it’s important you stay on course. Stick to your guns and make that family tradition happen, even if it means rescheduling, adjusting , and tweaking when needed.

Assembling the Bag of Bones Halloween decoration

I have plenty of history under my belt and one thing I know for sure, create an occasion that involves food and people are likely to show up. Of course, my grand kids have no choice at this age. They have to show up because Mommy and Daddy said so. But when you have a creative meal, make it fun, and put just a teencie-weencie bit of creativity into it, you will have people wanting to be part of your “entertaining inner circle (so to speak)”.

Try and do at least one fun food thing this Halloween. I will make it a point to post a couple of fun Halloween foods that are a bit out of the norm to inspire you.


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