Chicken LOW Mein

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Chicken Low Mein

The email I received from my daughter yesterday says it all, AWESOME!!!!! This was her lunch. Apart from inclusion of water chestnuts (a texture thing for her), she loved it, as did my honey-man. He even took a bowl for lunch today.

Either cooked spaghetti, angel hair pasta or rice noodles can be used in this recipe. I only had enriched spaghetti in the pantry, so that was my choice. Rice noodles are lower in calories and a good choice if you’re looking to shave off even more calories per serving.

The Chicken Low Mein Cooking

Lo Mein Mixture Cooking on Stove Top

Veggies include carrots, zucchini, mushrooms, scallions and bean sprouts. For added flavor substitute the button mushrooms with a chopped portabella mushroom. The best part is the sauce and it’s so easy to make.

Pour the sauce over the cooked Lo Mein.
Pour sauce over cooked Lo Mein.

If using pre-cooked rotisserie chicken (which I did), you can prepare this meal in about 25 minutes. Just be sure to remove the skin from the breast meat.

In hindsight, I should have served each portion in Chinese take-out containers.  I happened to have a few left over from a soaping project.

How fun to serve this to guests in a carry out box with chopsticks and a glass of Sake. Grab the Recipe

Zucchini Carrot Apple Bread

Zucchini Carrot Apple Bundt Bread

To call this a bread doesn’t seem right, it’s more like a moist cake. You can either bake it in a bundt pan or in two loaf pans. Using loaf pans allows you to keep one and gift or freeze the other loaf. The fact that my three year old grand son loved it, is a clear indicator that this bread/cake is a winner in Blimpy Girl’s recipe book.

My honey-man, the Wine Guy, baked this yesterday for dessert. A light confectioner sugar  and cream cheese frosting was the drizzled topping. I love the color and texture of the slices. Knowing there are two veggies and a fruit incorporated into the recipe is an added bonus.

The bread easily serves 12. Pair it with a strong cup of java…yum…yum! Grab the Recipe
 Bundt Bread: Zucchini Apple Carrot

Bridal Shower Panty Envelope

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This post is so far removed from food but I must share. My daughter thought this rocked and she’s taking it to a bridal shower tonight. The same shower I blogged about in my last post (the artichoke spinach dip).

A Panty Envelope

I call it a Pantie Envelope and tucked inside is a pair of new pink panties for the bride to be. The shower hostess asked each attendee to purchase a pair of panties in the style they wear. The bride must then guess which pantie belongs to each girl. Very clever! Of course, Blimpy Girl jazzed it up a bit. Come on, you can’t walk into a bridal shower toting pink panties in one hand and artichoke dip in the other.

Here’s the how to:

Secure a 5/8 inch wide ribbon strip to top edge of 81/2″ x 11″ card stock. You’ll need double-sided tape or glue. I prefer tape because there’s no mess or drying time. Once ribbon is secure, fold the paper to meet the bottom edge of the ribbon. You want the ribbon to show. Close the sides of the envelope with double sided tape.

Cut a piece of ribbon and wrap around the front and back of the folded envelope. Secure with double sided tape (that double sided tape is really my best friend). Cover a 4.25″ x 2 1/8″ manilla  tag with printed paper that is trimmed to fit the tag. Punch a hole  at the top of tag and also along the right top edge of envelope. Thread a piece of ribbon through the punched hole to keep the gift tag in place.

The heart shaped “Guess Who?” was created in MS Publisher and taped to the tag. Slip the panties into the envelope and you’re done! I made this in under 10 minutes. The next time you attend a bridal shower and the Guess Who’s Panties game is played, you can showcase your favorite pantie type in a handcrafted pantie envelope. Keep in mind big girl panties won’t fit in the envelope and you certainly don’t want to admit you wear them, especially at a bridal shower.  Go purchase a pair of hottie tottie panties and really stump the bride.

Tip: If you don’t have manilla tags on hand, simply cut a piece of card stock to size and place your printed design over the card stock paper.


Artichoke Spinach Dip

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Artichoke Spinach Dip on Display

Last night my daughter phoned stressed about preparing an appetizer dish for a wedding shower today. Her work day had been overwhelming (an understatement), so “Blimpy Girl Mama” volunteered to prepare her appetizer.

Clueless what to make, I shuffled cans in the pantry and checked the contents in the fridge. What ingredients could I throw together without having to shop? The end result was this Artichoke Spinach Dip. A little of this, a little of that. The dip turned out pretty tasty even though I improvised on a couple of missing ingredients.

Baked Artichoke Spinach Dip

 If you follow my blog, you know I am anal about food presentation. This dish was no different. If you’re going to showcase a dish, then do it with gusto and flair. Make it stand out from the those “Tupperware container” dishes. You might not be Martha, but you can earn a close second with good presentation.

Printable Tag for the Artichoke Spinach Dip

An in-house scavenger hunt turned up a jumbo size photo clothsespin to display my appetizer name tag. A copy of the recipe (self-serving, of course) and appetizer tag are FREE to print:
artichoke dip1

FREE printable papers I used around the dip are found here: SpringTimeBackgroundPapers.Artichoke Spinach Dip on Display

A shout out to for their awesome background paper designs. :))

If making this appetizer ahead of time, you’ll need to warm before serving. Heat in microwave (30 second bursts). Stir mixture until heated through. Serve with crackers or scoop-able chips.

Printed Artichoke Spinach Dip Recipe

Seek & Find: Popsicle Place Mat

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Popsicle Placemats

It was another “Wild Wednesday” with the grand kids. They arrived at 5:30 with their usual boundless energy. Blimpy Girl NeeNee was on task and ready for the chaos. This week Popsicle place mats were the agenda. They were nothing fancy, but the kids sure love to be surprised with their Wednesday place setting. As they enter the door, they toss their coats and shoes in the laundry room leaping toward the kitchen island to see what’s planned.

I found these adorable printable Popsicle designs at Cute, cute, cute! Of course, you’ll need Popsicle sticks, but Blimpy Girl grabbed a handful from work (I own the biz, so it was OK). We use the sticks to make Popsicle soaps. You can snag a 50 count package here for $4.95.

Olivia's Popsicle Place Mat Fischer's Popsicle Place Mat

Now for the pre-dinner fun! The kid’s assignment was to locate a hidden Popsicle that matched the one on their dinner plate. They ran around the house like they were on a serious mission and the comradery of helping each other was awesome. The prize included swords for the boys and American Girl dolly stuff for Miss Olivia.

Unfortunately, Olivia had too many time outs with her nanny and has to earn back her dolly clothes. If she proves herself by our Saturday library outing, she can add the dolly stuff to her AG clothes closet. Gotta love a five year old with spirit. It’s an understatement to say she’s a sassy little whip. God love the man she eventually marries.