Seek & Find: Popsicle Place Mat

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Popsicle Placemats

It was another “Wild Wednesday” with the grand kids. They arrived at 5:30 with their usual boundless energy. Blimpy Girl NeeNee was on task and ready for the chaos. This week Popsicle place mats were the agenda. They were nothing fancy, but the kids sure love to be surprised with their Wednesday place setting. As they enter the door, they toss their coats and shoes in the laundry room leaping toward the kitchen island to see what’s planned.

I found these adorable printable Popsicle designs at Cute, cute, cute! Of course, you’ll need Popsicle sticks, but Blimpy Girl grabbed a handful from work (I own the biz, so it was OK). We use the sticks to make Popsicle soaps. You can snag a 50 count package here for $4.95.

Olivia's Popsicle Place Mat Fischer's Popsicle Place Mat

Now for the pre-dinner fun! The kid’s assignment was to locate a hidden Popsicle that matched the one on their dinner plate. They ran around the house like they were on a serious mission and the comradery of helping each other was awesome. The prize included swords for the boys and American Girl dolly stuff for Miss Olivia.

Unfortunately, Olivia had too many time outs with her nanny and has to earn back her dolly clothes. If she proves herself by our Saturday library outing, she can add the dolly stuff to her AG clothes closet. Gotta love a five year old with spirit. It’s an understatement to say she’s a sassy little whip. God love the man she eventually marries.

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