Blimpy Girl Recipes

I’ve gotcha covered. From brekie to dinner to snacks, you will find something that is yum-yum. I know there are plenty of food channels and web sites offering recipes that are low cal and designed for weight loss, but Blimpy Girl is a little different. What I post are recipes that have contributed to my weight loss and continue to help me keep my weight under wraps. Some recipes are original, others are adaptions with my own Blimpy Girl twist.

I provide an “in the neighborhood” idea of how many calories are in each dish. I’m not a dietitian or nutritionist. I calculate calories based on the labels provided on product used and by researching the caloric count from reputable health and weight loss web sites.

Most dishes listed are low in sugar and fat while still offering yumminess. For myself, I tend to intake around 1200 calories a day by eating 5 small meals. I shy away from fruit juices because they are high in sugar and drink mostly water or Arnold Palmer tea which I make with Crystal Light lemonade. Weight loss may not be your goal. Perhaps you’re justĀ  looking for great new recipes that are easy to cook and add variety to your meal plans. The recipes posted on this blog have cooked, eaten and tested in my home by guests, family, friends and, of course, by me. For the record, I am just an average person who really isn’t a good cook and really doesn’t enjoy being in the kitchen. That’s why I post recipes that are easy, take little time and add variety to something I have to do to sustain life–eat.

Whatever your reason for visiting, I hope you find something that works for you.

Bon Appetit.