Splurge Meal: Grilled Lamb Chops


I usually allow myself at least one splurge meal weekly. Even then, I control my portions. Last night was not the case. We had dinner with friends who love to entertain in a big way. When served a meal of grilled lamb chops and pork tenderloin, it’s the time to count calories or monitor portion sizes.

Dear friends, it didn’t stop there. Take a look at the dessert served. My thoughts are this, “If you’re gonna cheat, cheat big!”, so I did. There was no remorse, no turning back, and no stepping on the scale this morning. When informed how much butter and sour cream were in that twice baked potato, I decided my weigh-in can wait until Monday. No wonder the potato tasted so yummy!

Oh yeah, baby! You’re looking at double fudge and strawberry pound cakes, vanilla ice cream, strawberries and whipped cream. The only thing no calorie was the black coffee served with it.

Estimated calories for this meal: 1 kazillion fat calories

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