Hanging Wine Bottle Vases

Hanging wine bottle outdoor vase

My outdoor dinner party is cancelled due to rain. There are no regrets. Rain is so needed in our area. It’s been a dry summer and crops, grass and home gardens are failing.

These are the outdoor deck wine vases I made for the dinner. Thankfully, they won’t be wasted. Tomorrow’s weather forecast is sunny and upper 80’s. We’ll spend a day on the water and enjoy an outdoor BBQ on the deck with friends in the evening.

Hanging flower vase wine bottlesI wanted to share how easy these are to make. I gathered flowers from a nearby field and added a Gerber daisy as a focal point.

You need empty wine bottles (don’t bother removing labels), twine, fresh flowers and a place to hang the bottle.

Wrap the twine around the neck of the bottle and secure by tying. Leave a sizable amount of twine for attaching to the deck area.

Fill the wine bottle with water and insert flowers. If you happen to be hosting a particular event, like a bridal shower or outdoor wedding, consider designing custom labels  for the bottles. This is easily done in MS Publisher or other software programs.

For a more formal dinner, dress guest tables with white linens, or keep in simple and use a red checkered tablecloth. The sky is the limit when deciding how and where you want to hang these bottles. My only cost was the price of the twine… just pennies per bottle.


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