Eating Asparagus, Kid’s Style

We had plenty of fun eating dinner with the grand kids last night. The grilled asparagus was a hit except with four year old, Fischer. He wanted no part of these long green stems that looked like oversize pieces of grass. Thankfully, big brother came to the rescue. His strategy was simple.

“Plug your nose Fischer and you won’t taste it. As soon as you swallow it, take a drink of chocolate milk to help the asparagus go down your throat.”

Watching Fischer’s facial expressions gave us all a chuckle. In the end, he finished one asparagus stem. It was a milestone. One green vegetable down. There’s still green beans and broccoli to conquer. I’m hoping the “plug your nose” technique works for those as well.

Fischer trying to swallow the chewed asparagus.
Fischer trying to swallow the chewed asparagus.

My nine year old grandson, Carson, helped Poppy clean and grill the asparagus. It was a joy watching them work together in the kitchen. Carson was extremely proud of his efforts to put dinner on the table. There is something about working together in a kitchen setting that evokes a spirit of camaraderie.

Carson helps Poppy peel the asparagus for grilling.

 Fischer helped skewer the shrimp, steak and veggies. Olivia took care of setting the dinner table.

Last night’s dinner on the deck was a group effort. We took turns sharing about our day (both good and bad), cleared the table, worked on special Father’s Day gifts and rode bikes.

Fischer assembles the skewers for the grill. Olivia sets the dinner table.

 The finished dinner! Bravo to my little peeps for lending a hand.

The finished grilled meal!


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  1. OK, so do you do takeout? Your Florida cousin is hungry now. Looks like it was a great time.

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