Chopstick Children

Carson learning to eat with chopsticks

Poppy (the wine-guy) and I had the grand kids on Friday night. Poppy prepared filet mignon steak for the them along with mac n’ cheese, spinach salad and leftover pizza. It was quite a combination of flavors.

My nine year old grandson, Carson (pictured above) has been intrigued with chopsticks ever since he watched Poppy use them at dinner one night. He is working hard to become skilled in their proper use, something Blimpy Girl has failed at miserably.

Five year old Olivia (soon to be six) used more of a jab and stab technique. It’s very similar to the way Blimpy Girl NeeNee uses chopsticks. On a recent trip to Argentina, we went with a large group to a sushi bar. I was the only one that requested a fork. Yes, it was embarrassing but dropping sushi all over my lap while trying to manipulate chopsticks would have been worse.

Our youngest grand child, Fischer, handled the chopsticks fairly well, considering he is only three (soon to be four). If his brother and sister are doing it, then count him in on the action. When the kids started to use the chopsticks to eat their pizza, Poppy quickly reminded them that pizza is “finger” food.

It was a fun meal. The kids learned something new and we discussed different cultures. Our sister-in-law, Mariko, is Japanese and we try to incorporate her heritage and culture into our family gatherings. I posted her Gyoza recipe a while back.

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