Grilled Cheese Secret Revealed

Making Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

My granddaughter, Olivia, helped Blimpy Girl NeeNee prepare grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. Because she loves all things pink, she requested her pink knife to butter the bread slices. You will note the knife in the butter container (far left).

My grown daughter swears I make the best grilled cheese sandwich EVER. To her, it ranks right up there with “no one cuts a PBJ sandwich like you do mom”. As a little girl she said the way I cut the sandwich made it taste extra good. I think it was because I made a nice clean cut with a chef’s knife instead of a butter knife. It’s funny the things your kids remember about their childhood.

Buttering bread for Grilled Cheese Sandwiches My grilled cheese secret is so simple. First, use whipped butter spread instead of stick butter. Low-fat whipped butter is even better and about half the calories. Now, the secret is revealed….

BUTTER BOTH SIDES OF THE BREAD SLICES and add butter to the skillet when cooking.

Oh no, the secret is out. My daughter always thought I did something magical to make the grilled cheese so yummy. All this time it was the butter fairy. For the record, grilled cheese is not part of my Blimpy Girl eating plan. My granddaughter’s feeling would be hurt if I didn’t partake of her buttered slices. My guess on calories… in the neighborhood of 400 per sandwich (we didn’t use low-fat butter spread). Fat from the butter…. well, let’s not go there!

Side note: Use low-fat cheddar cheese slices. A mere 25 calories and zero fat calories. That will help offset the butter and bread calories.  


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