Baby Bok Choy: The Chinese Cabbage… what is it?

Bok Choy: The Chinese CabbageIf you haven’t heard of this Chinese cabbage, don’t feel like you’re alone. But I will say this, you need to know about Bok Choy because it’s good for you and full of plenty of nutrients. Oh, did I fail to mention, low in calories

Think of it as a Chinese chard. It has dark green rounded leaves on a white stalk. Make sure you pick fresh leaves that have no wilting or brown spots.

It can be used raw (as pictured), or cooked and added to stir fry or soup dishes. Today I will be adding to a Blimpy Girl pork fried rice dish. It will be lightly steamed and added as a topping to the fried rice.

Calorie intake is almost non-existent. Heck, one and 1/2 cup is 10 calories. The pork fried rice dish I will be posting about later is shown below. Just enough spice to say, “OH YAH!”. I’ll post the recipe in the next couple of days. Sorry, but it’s been crazy around here this weekend and I’m trying to catch up.

Baby Bok Choy with Spicy Pork Fried Rice

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