Blimpy Girl Dinner Recipes

Who said losing weight means a boring meal plan?

I’ve repeatedly mentioned on my blog how I don’t like to cook and when I do, I want to cook things I like. My dinner menu selections are generally easy and something that appeals to my taste buds. In my food journey I have tested and tasted many things that I didn’t like. In all fairness, those are included as well. One person’s trash meal may be someone else’s five star meal.

I try to never eat dinner after 6 pm. That’s tough since my honey man rarely gets home from work before 7 PM. That means I end up eating many week night meals alone. That’s OK. It’s my alone downtime to listen to my favorite tunes, collect my thoughts and plot out the next day’s menu.

Then there are the weekend meals that I so enjoy. Time for entertaining, showing off my Blimpy Girl skills and setting a diving table. Oh how I love to set a table as it showcases my creative side and lets me shine. My cooking may not shine, but my table setting skills are awesome.

I sure hope you find some new dinner ideas while browsing my blog. Grab a recipe and make it your own. Improvise, tweak and add your own twist. Go for it!

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