Blimpy Girl Binge: Butternut SquashTortellini (Exclusive)

I needed to test this recipe for the upcoming holidays. Unfortunately, it’s not a dish on the Blimpy Girl meal plan. No fear, I  just made it my weekend binge dish. Three of these tortellini will cost you 250 calories.

The good news is the tortellini is stuffed with baked butternut squash which is relatively low in calories. However, the squash is drizzled with olive oil which immediately bumps the calories up a notch or two. And then there is the butter…. lots and lots of butter that includes toasted walnuts and dried cranberries. All this yuminess is topped off with grated Parmesan cheese. The cheese is probably the only non-fattening thing in this dish at a mere 20 calories, but of course, 15 are fat calories.

The final verdict on this, “It’s a Keeper!” Even from my husband (who does not like any sweetness added to a dish) had to admit it scored well on his palate. He wasn’t sure if he would like the cranberries or the crushed vanilla wafers with almond. However, they add just a hint of sweetness which doesn’t overpower the richness of the butter sauce.

This is a Blimpy Girl Exclusive recipe which means there is a small charge to download the recipe. Most recipes are free but occasionally there are some I rate as “exclusive”.  The fee charged helps maintain this blog which also includes many, many free recipes and tips. Purchase the Recipe

Roasted Eggplant & Red Pepper/Basil Terrine

 Roasted Eggplant & Red Pepper Basil Terrine

The was my first attempt at making a vegetable terrine and I was pleasantly surprised with the results. Terrines can impress, but they take time to make. Ingredients must be layer and then cured for at least 24 hours. The secret is in making sure the layers remain intact once the chilled terrine is cut into serving slices.

Originally created as a hearty meal for French laborers, terrine has evolved into a fancy meat, veggie or dessert loafs that are served even in the most upscale French restaurants. You can make a terrine of any size and they’re all pretty much the same; layered, pressed and chilled.

I elected to use eggplant and red peppers only because those were ingredients I had on hand. I sliced and roasted two eggplants along with 3 red peppers. My fresh basil plant is still producing leaves so I snagged a couple cups of that as well. Balsamic vinegar and shallot marinate and I was ready to make my terrine.

This is a recipe you want to use when you want to throw out that “WOW” factor. Perfect luncheon meal when paired with my zucchini soup. Plate the sliced terrine on a bed of romaine lettuce with a few cherry tomatoes and basil leaves to garnish. My loaf made 10 slices. Purchase the Recipe