Butternut Squash Tortellini (Exclusive)

Butternut Squash TortelliniThe richness of the “vein thickening” butter sauce and the sweetness of the cranberries is a perfect marriage. You might gain a pound while poppng these little goodies into your mouth, but you can make up for it on the following week.

This is one of Blimpy Girl’s binge dishes that I generally reserve for special occasions or a the weekend. I only allocate myself one of these high calorie dishes per week.

I will be making this dish for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday as an appetizer but it really is meant to be a main dish. The good news is the tortellini is filling; the bad news, the butter sauce is vein-thickening. That pool of liquid you see on the plate…. yep, that’s butter.

Butternut Tortellini

Stuffing each tortellini is time consuming but well worth it!

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