Blimpy Girl Breakfast Recipes

Rise and shine! That’s what my Daddy use to say every morning when he would awaken me for school. By no stretch of the imagination am I a morning girl. I don’t want anyone talking to me until I’ve been up and moving for at least an hour.

Unfortunately, in my weight loss journey I had to come to grips with eating a morning meal. In the past, I would skip breakfast entirely and just wait until lunch to eat. Not a good plan. By the time lunch arrived I had already starting grazing. I was famished and my energy level was on a downturn.

For the most part, I keep breakfast simple. A bowl of oatmeal with a small bowl of fruit, or a bowl of Fiber One cereal. On weekends I kick it up a notch and prepare one of the breakfast recipes I have posted here.

I have fallen in love with Egg Mate liquid eggs simply due to their ease, zero cholesterol and protein value. There are just many things you can do with eggs that they’re no longer limited to being just a breakfast food.

Part of my eating routine includes a mid-morning snack which often includes a yogurt, low fat cottage cheese, raw veggies, seasonal fruit or one of the snacks I’ve listed on Blimpy Girl. You can’t burn fat without energy. So I try to stay refueled at all times to keep my metabolism fired up. It works for me and has contributed to my weight loss success.

So, rise and shine… and eat breakfast!

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