Scrambled Brain Eggs

Scrambled Brain Eggs

Now here’s a new take on scrambled eggs…brain eggs. This morning my honey-man (the wine guy) made this egg scramble for our 9 year old grand son, Carson. When ketchup was squirted on the eggs, it looked like brains Ala mode (go figure, he’s a boy and that kind of stuff excites him).

Scramble Brain Egg DishNothing complements a brain egg dish better than green ham. I am certain there is a story line in here somewhere. I just have to figure it out.

Kids love when you are creative with food or any other activity. They will dive in wholeheartedly if you make it fun.

It was an unexpected Sunday morning with the grand kids. It’s what the wine-guy and I live for… the little peeps remind us life is good.

Happy Sunday, my friends.

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