Leprechaun Smoothie

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Leprechaun Smoothie

St. Patrick’s Day is nearing and special things are in the works for the grand kids. Each year the kids head to Detroit for the St. Patrick’s Day parade. Their “other” grandpa is a retired Detroit fire chief and the firemen walk in the annual parade. I think there’s this unwritten rule you must be “Irish” to be a fireman; and if not, you’re a sanctioned Irishman on March 17.

Leprechaun Smoothies are on the breakfast menu. I found this recipe at The Quail’s Nest Blog site and revised it to include spinach, apple juice (instead of orange juice) and limeade in place of honey. My recipe is shown below.

St. Patrick's Day Gift Bags for Kids

Next on the St Paddy’s Day countdown are goodie bags for the grand kid’s classmates. I need 75 (yep, I’m a crazy woman, but that was established about 20 years ago!). Goodies bags include a sticker sheet, shamrock beaded necklace, pencil and wrist band. These are being inserted into green tin pails. Grand kids will wear Shamrock suspenders while dispensing the goodies bags to their classmates.

Blimpy Girl is preparing a Green Leprechaun drink (Lemonade with green food coloring) and Shamrock cookies for the school party snack.

Leprechaun Smoothie

1 banana, sliced and then frozen
1 cup frozen green grapes (seedless)
5 peeled kiwi, sliced and then frozen
1 cup apple or orange juice
1 cup washed baby spinach (don’t pack it down)
8 ounces lime yogurt (fat-free, if you can find it)
1/4 cup limeade
Whipped cream (in a can, fat-free is my choice)
Green food coloring

Mix everything in a blender and pulse until smooth. Pour off into serving containers. Freeze the kiwi and banana before adding to the blender.


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