Greek Salsa Chicken with Roasted Red Skins

Greek Chicken Salad SalsaMy honey-man, the wine guy, does all the grocery shopping. At least once a month he makes a trip to Costco to stock up on miscellaneous items. Big bags of boneless chicken breast from the freezer section is always on the list. Opening the freezer, I realized I had chicken coming out the wazoo. It was a “no-brainer” what was on the dinner menu. How to prepare it became the bigger question.  I do believe this recipe will be a keeper.

Chicken is cubed and cooked in a lemon marinade and topped with flavorful Greek salsa. I opted to serve roasted red skin potatoes on the side. One serving (pictured above) is in the neighborhood of 290 calories and I struggled to finish it.

Slow Roasted Red Skin PotatoesThis colorful, tasty dish rocks. I’m anxious for my daughter to taste it. She’ll be stopping by this morning for her usual cup of dark roasted java and a Blimpy Girl lunch.

Tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, scallions…. oh, did I mention low-fat feta and a few chopped Kalamata olives? These low-fat veggies are then bathed in a lite Caesar dressing.

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Greek Salsa for the Chicken

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